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An Innovative Interior Design Firm in Gujarat


Our unwavering mission is to profoundly impact the lives of every customer we serve, leaving an indelible mark on their minds and the hearts of their loved ones. Through our designs, we aspire to inspire and elevate the spirits and imaginations of all who encounter them. Our ultimate commitment lies in providing an unparalleled customer service experience, ensuring exclusivity and excellence for each of our clients


Our vision is to craft timeless spaces and earn recognition as a leading interior design company. We specialize in high-end corporate, commercial, and residential interiors, delivering exceptional solutions in the field.

Core Values

As a luxury interior design studio, we are synonymous with trust, integrity, discretion and excellence, and we have a unique code of conduct.

Business Ethics

Honesty, integrity, creativity and humility are top 4 values for us and they have helped us achieve what we are today.

Zero Tolerance Quality Policy

Preparing drawings to the on site execution, we strive to achieve the the best output for our client.

Durable & Elegant Design

We try to create masterpiece a few at a time and incorporate unique features. The spaces we deliver are aesthetically elegant and functional both at the same time.

Deliver what We Promise

We truly believe in commitment and work hard to fulfill all our committed promises.

Interior Designer. Co-founder

Mittal Karathiya

Mittal founded Maya Space Studio in 2016, and is a creative designer dedicated to providing artistic design, highly personalized service, and exceptional workmanship. Her background in engineering and sentiment towards art brings a keen eye and sensitivity to the smallest detail in her interior design work, and her passion for color and design is infectious. 

Mittal’s work includes private villas and luxurious flats for clients throughout the Gujarat, as well as in other states of the country. Her commercial projects have included executive offices, lobbies, and small restaurants. A native of Gujarat, she resides and practices design in Vadodara.

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Mittal Karathiya