India’s architectural story has come a long way

How relevant is ancient Indian architecture in modern Interiors?

Art is never finished, only upgraded or abandoned.

Recently we’ve been asked by a few of our esteemed clients that as an interior designer in vadodara (a cultural capital of the state of Gujarat), do  you see any relevance to the ancient Indian architecture in your day to day design life?

And here is our answer for them.

While modern designers have evolved with inspiring words like contemporary design, minimalism, and
bohemian style, etc., it is a question of discussion whether ancient Indian architecture is still relevant for
modern interiors or not. Ancient architecture and spaces have always inspired designers since the
formation of the study of design has begun. The space planning, use of proportions, playing of different
levels to make interactive spaces, and the use of indigenous materials can be seen in many designers’
core strategies even today. However, these features are common to a good design and most good
designers and architects will automatically keep them in mind while designing.


So, what are the features that make ancient Indian architecture relevant in the modern era?

As old as the design features are in the monuments of India, they can still be used in modern-day
interior spaces to provide a sense of creative and complete design. If it is to be thought, the ancient
designs are inherited in the smallest of details of the modern era. Even the toilet fixtures are inspired by
the design and functionality of the old era. Wood carvings, Jaali, door frame moldings, cornices, etc. are
just a few of the many small details that come from the time when there used to be Kings and Queens.
There may have been subtle updation in the materials but the features have sustained their value.


But are all the features inherited in modern design elements?

The old times didn’t have as many constraints upon them for each and everything as there are today.
There was a sense of freedom for the designer to be creative which is quite visible in the old furniture
designs or other design elements as well. Space constraints, money constraints, and shortage of natural
materials and resources have changed modern interior design in a different manner. The time duration
to complete a project has changed drastically and the techniques used in the making of space have also been updated.


Modern designers have kept their roots of creativity and frequent revisits of ancient Indian architecture
are important for a good designer so as to keep the heritage of the Indian design alive. But the new age
designers don’t restrict themselves to similar types of designs and keep on working on something new.
Therefore, it is safe to say that ancient Indian architecture resides at the core of the design principles
and strategies for the Indian designers but to a limited extent.

We at Maya Space Studio, are studying various literature on the Indian architecture and try to inculcate the beauty that our ancestors have created in the glorious past.

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