We never know what goes behind the blinds.

Types and facts of various curtains and blinds

Are you Confused between curtains and blinds and cannot decide which one to choose for your windows? The Interior designer in Vadodara got the best solution for you. They made a poll and yes, it appears that Indians prefer blinds than curtains, as 58 percent of those considered chose blinds to all other curtain treatment alternatives (1000 people polled).


But blinds are a little more difficult to maintain, the advantages far exceed the difficulty. Blinds may be the simplest way to modify the interior (and exterior) of your house if you’re trying to spruce up your window treatments.

With our comprehensive modern blinds purchasing guide, we can assist you.

The numerous varieties of curtains & blinds

Modern blinds & curtains for the windows are available in a variety of styles. We’ve attempted to make this information as simple as possible in order to help people learn everything there is to know about blinds & make a more informed purchase.

However, before utilizing this article, you should ask these questions & make some considerations.

What would be the major function of your blinds, for instance? Would they be beautiful, or will they be more blackout shades to assist block out all the light? Do you prefer horizontal or vertical blinds? Do you need mechanical blinds, such as with a roller oblivion or a roman shade, or do you think motorized blinds would be better for you?

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Various curtain types

Indoor curtains are available in a range of styles, materials, and sizes. Single slats adjust up or down on all drapes. Curtains can also be tipped from side to side to adjust the quantity of light that enters the room. As a result, they can only be moved up and down, nor side to side. Curtains are available in a variety of styles, materials, & sizes. With the exception of blinds, they are constructed of a single piece of fabric rather than discrete slats.

Two types of curtains are 

Rod Pocket Curtains – Rod Pocket or Casement curtains have the top panel sewn to form a pocket.

Grommet Curtains – Grommet or eyelet curtains are the most common curtain type.

Blinds of Various Types

The word ‘blinds’ is frequently used to refer to both blinds & shades. Whereas all forms of blinds & shades perform the very same core task as indoor window shades, there is a key distinction between the two. So, lest we go further, let’s be sure that we know what distinguishes them.

Individual slats run down the tracks at the peak of the blind in Venetian blinds. Venetian blinds open in one of two ways: from the side – to – side or by separating in the center, based on the style. For patio doors & floor-to-ceiling windows, Venetian blinds are a popular option. They can, however, be used to cover smaller windows.

Small windows & single doors blinds – are usually best suited for Venetian-type blinds.

Large windows blinds – Vertical blinds are an excellent choice for large windows.



Wall sconces, blackout shades, woven shading blinds, & hardwood Venetian blinds are among the most common blinds for such bedrooms. In the bedroom, though, almost any sort of blind can work.

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